Azores: Fajãzinha on Flores Island – streets, impressions, views

Azores: Fajãzinha on Flores Island – streets, impressions, views

Azores, Flores Island – Fajãzinha is a village on the Azores island of Flores. The Ribeira Grande flows through the municipality, the largest river on the island, which falls 300 meters from the plateau in a waterfall. Fajãzinha was not connected to the island’s road network until the 1950s.
Not far from the central Rossio square is the three-aisled church Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, built between 1776 and 1783. It is considered one of the most beautiful churches on Flores. The place has a small cheese dairy and outside, on the road to Fajã Grande, a water mill. Above the village is the picturesque Poço da Alagoinha lake, which is fed by numerous waterfalls.
0:00 Craveiro Lopes Viewpoint
0:18 Miradouro do Portal
0:57 Miradouro da Fajãzinha
1:13 Rua da Falca
1:26 Centro da vila
1:33 Rua da Ladeira
1:40 Igreja da Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
2:04 Café/Mercearia José Baldes
2:42 Rua do Engenho
3:46 Rua do Canto
4:44 Rua das Roças
5:25 Canada Comprida
5:55 Rua do Pico Redondo
5:57 Queijo de Fabrico Artesanal
6:20 Restaurante Por do Sol
6:36 Rua dos Rolos
6:46 Ribeira Grande
7:36 Império da Fajãzinha


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