Meet the Hawaii of Europe! This is such a beautiful island and we cannot wait to explore the other Azores Islands!!

The Ancient story of behind the blue and green lake is a tale of a king and his daughter; Antilia who lived in a kingdom on the Western Sea. After the Queen passed away, Antilia was not allowed to speak to anyone apart from the king himself and an old nurse. Although growing up to be a beautiful young girl who’d attract any man, the King restricted her movements to just the castle and the gardens. However, after lunch one afternoon she escaped to the hills and valleys of Sao Miguel, along her travels she heard a beautiful song which she followed the sound until she met a young shepherd boy playing the flute. For many weeks they would meet and Antilia would listen to him play, the shepherd boy fell in love with Antilia so one afternoon they made their way to the castle so he could ask the king for his daughters hand in marriage. Very angrily the king refused and banished the shepherd boy from the kingdom. The legend is that both Antilia and the shepherd boy cried all afternoon, forming two beautiful lakes; one green lake as Antilia had green eyes, and the other blue lake as the shepherd boy had blue eyes.

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