AZORES: Ponte Delgada city – São Miguel Island

AZORES: Ponte Delgada city – São Miguel Island

Ponta Delgada started off as a humble fishing community and gained importance from 1522, following an earthquake that destroyed the island’s former capital, Vila Franca do Campo. It was King João III that gave Ponta Delgada its city status in 1546. Throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the busy port became an obligatory stopping and supply station for ships en route from the Mediterranean, Portugal and Africa to the Americas and the West Indies.

Jardim José do Canto is a botanical garden. José do Canto (1820-1898) was a cultured wealthy man and a nature lover. Well versed in the secrets of botany, he established contacts with botanical gardens and nurseries from around the world, from whose he bought, sold or exchanged plants. The current garden, with an area of 5,8 ha, does not have the botanical wealth of the time of its creator, but remains a place of great landscape and botanical intererst.

Jardim António Borges is a public park/garden, one of the largest and most lush areas in Ponta Delgada. António Borges da Câmara de Medeiros (1812-1879) was an avid amateur botanist, interested in introducing new species to the island. His property became an extremely rich and interesting garden. It was acquired by the City Council in 1957.

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