THE AZORES ISLANDS RAW – Rain, Mud, And More Rain.

THE AZORES ISLANDS RAW – Rain, Mud, And More Rain.

Early January, 2018. My girl wakes me up one more morning at our AirBnb in Spain, and tells me I have 45 minutes to be ready: everything is packed, and we’re about to embark on a surprise trip for my birthday. I had no clue, right up until we got to the airport, where we were going, or how long we’d be there. As usual… she prepared everything- all I had to do was put my pants on, take her hand, and follow her lead. 🙂 We ended up at the beautiful Azores islands (somewhere in the Atlantic ocean between Europe and North America). These gorgeous sub-tropical islands, belonging to Portugal, are incredible especially when the weather is right. Watching most YouTube videos you’d think it’s sunny here every day. But… that’s far from reality. It rains so often here, you might as well pack raincoats instead of sunscreen. Great place to visit, but be ready for rain… rain… and more rain.


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Zapraszamy do nas pisać po polsku.


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