The Best Things to Do in the Azores Islands (2020) |

The Best Things to Do in the Azores Islands (2020) |

Volcanic mountain peaks. Ancient villages. Bubbling hot springs. Untouched landscapes. No, this isn’t New Zealand or the Faroe Islands. The Azores, a remote nine-island archipelago off the coast of Portugal, is an Eden all its own. Don’t forget to subscribe!

For decades, limited flights kept the subtropical island chain cut off from the rest of the world, but new connections are slowly opening up this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Here’s why travelers should get to the Azores islands now—before everyone else does.

The islands are surprisingly accessible from the U.S.
Getting to the Azores is easier than ever now thanks to Azores Airlines, which flies non-stop from Boston and Toronto straight into Ponta Delgada.

There’s no better place to listen to Fado music
The achingly beautiful musical genre known as “Fado” traces its roots to mainland Portugal, but the moody and dramatic weather patterns that race across the Azores islands make it a match made in heaven. Grab some sangria at one of the local pubs in Ponta Delgada and tune in.

The offshore attractions are next-level
Water temperatures around the Azores islands hover around the mid 70s in the summer and dip into the low 60s during the winter—conditions that attract everything from manta rays to schools of mobula. Whale watching is even better. The waters around the Azores attract migrating blue, humpback, and fin whales, and sperm whales live here year-round.

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